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BCP Clear skin kit

Our 4 step BCP Clear Skin Kit is a gentle approach to healthier skin. The kit is based on the principles of eliminating Biofilm and promoting the natural regrowth of good bacteria by creating an environment of healthy skin. We make all of our products fresh on site so product preservation will not interfere with the skins biome. We also ensure that all our products are naturally and optimally acidified.
1. Acne Non-Foaming Cleanser
BCP’s uniquely designed cleanser to eliminate biofilm and take excess oils from the skin without drying it. It is formulated with AHA’s at a pH of 3 which is a documented bacterial biofilm disruptor. Use twice daily morning and night.
2. Acne Daily Moisturiser
A non-pore blocking moisturiser formulated to provide an optimal environment for skin healing and regrowth of healthy bacteria. Fortified with numerous actives such as retinol, nicotinamide, oleanolic acid and resveratrol.
Use after BCP Acne Cleanser.
3. Acne Hydroxy Resurfacer
An ultra gentle blend of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and PHA’s (poly hydroxy acids) developed by our cosmetic pharmacists and skincare consultants. Restores skin by sloughing dead cells, improving hydration and stimulating blood circulation, leading to visibly healthier, younger-looking skin.
4. Acne Spot Treatment
Contains Benzoyl Peroxide 5%.  This should only be used very sparingly as a spot treatment on specific pimples that are just starting to grow. Overuse of this product will negate the entire regimen.

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